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What we can be doing on Social Media now

From Flevopoort's Creative Team, we would like to offer you some tips and tricks you can use to enhance your social media presence during these unprecedented times.

The most important thing is to stay relevant to your customers and NOT go dormant during this time. There are many things we can be doing on social media to engage with our current and future clients.

If you have an online platform where you are still able to sell products, stay active on social media with posts about items and sales that your company might be having.

It's also important to let your customers know that even though we're all struggling, you're doing everything in your power to be there for them and most importantly for your employees. Maybe a percentage of their purchase will go towards helping their current employees, or the ones you have had to lay off.

It's important to let your followers know that you are not giving up and that you are continuing to make an effort. This will help you stay front of mind when we are all able to re-open.

If you are a business that is unable to sell online and your doors are closed, here are some things you can be doing to your social platforms:

Hair Salons/Nail Salons/Gyms:

  1. Offer tutorials online and "how to" video's. For example, "how to colour your hair" or "a daily complimentary workout". Use Instagram/Facebook Live & Stories.

  2. Use the Question feature on Instagram to ask your clients what they are looking for right now and other questions they may have.

  3. Do live Q&A's to engage with your followers.

  4. Partner with different businesses or influencers to share content. For example, an active wear brand partnering with a gym for a workout video.


  1. If you are offering take-out, use your platforms to inform your customers of your current menu items and hours of operation.

  2. Some restaurants are setting up small markets with raw foods and ingredients for recipes that can be made at home. You can use your platforms to share this information with your customers.

A lot of people have the time to be on Social Media right now, so give your followers something to do, something to look forward to!

Business for you will pick-up once the stay at home orders are lifted, so it's crucial for your customers to maintain a connection with you.

For all other Businesses:

  1. With so many businesses closed, you NEED to let your customers know, via social media if you are in fact open and what services you are currently offering.

  2. Use your platforms to relay important information regarding resources that become available, and positive messages to keep spirits up.

  3. Offer discounts, gift cards and coupons for people that are able to purchase now to use at a later date. Use promo codes to keep track of those purchases now.

  4. Encourage your customers to participate in different #challenges or activities and ask them to share and tag you to keep your online relationship going.

  5. Repost stories and share posts from your customers and encourage them to share your content as well.

  6. Foster relationships with your customers, by offering virtual events like happy hours so that we can continue to stay connected!

  7. Create Social Media initiatives where you can purchase items to gift to other people (for example, flowers or chocolate). Pay it forward.

  8. Take the time to learn everything social media platforms have to offer and really dive into the analytics. Learn your audience and use this as an opportunity to teach yourself how to make use of all the data, to truly learn about your customer or potential customers.

We'd be happy to review your current social media strategies and how they can be improved. For nonprofits and small businesses most impacted by the Covid-19 crisis, we are currently offering this service for free, even if you are not a Flevopoort relation. Interested? Get in touch with us today!

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